By Open Doors 31 January 2022 1 MIN

Bangladesh: Mob Attacks Family

A mob has violently attacked the home of a Christian family of five.

Tarok Das, along with his wife, son, daughter-in-law, and grandson, are the only Christians in their village.

Poverty is a serious issue for their community, forcing Tarok to work hard rearing goats to support his family. Without this source of income, their survival would be at risk.

One night, a mob of community members stormed Tarok’s home with knives and other weapons, vandalising the house and stealing nine goats. They also attacked the women and threatened to kill Tarok’s grandson.

“All my dreams are demolished,” Tarok said. “My hope is finished. For many years I have saved money little by little and invested in goat rearing. Now I have nothing.”

Police have done little and the family continues to face ongoing harassment and threats from their neighbours.

Local partners have been delivering food and resources to repair Tarok’s home and praying with his family. Will you take a moment to pray over them, too?

Pray For Bangladesh:

  • Pray that Tarok and his family will stand strong in faith despite persecution.
  • Pray that God will encourage and comfort Tarok at this difficult time. Pray for restored hope.
  • Pray for provision over the family.

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