By Open Doors 13 June 2022 1 MIN

Bangladesh | Pastor And His Family Attacked

Pastor Fazor is well-known for sharing the gospel in his primarily Muslim community. After he donated some of his own land to be used to build a church, his neighbours became angry.

In the early hours of 3 June, a mob of about 40 people went to Pastor Fazor’s land and began to build a fence around it in order to seize it for themselves.

As Pastor Fazor and his family rushed to the scene, the mob turned on them. Four of his family members were seriously injured, and rushed to hospital where they are now recovering.

The mob has continued to threaten the work and lives of Pastor Fazor and his family, and they are fearful of another attack. Will you pray with them now?

Will you take a moment to pray?

Pray For Bangladesh:

  • Pray that Pastor Fazor and his family will make a full recovery.
  • Pray that this new church would be built.
  • Pray that more in Pastor Fazor’s community will come to know Jesus.

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