By Nicole Todd 19 September 2019

Authorities Seize Religious Schools

Seven secondary schools run by religious minorities, including Christians, have been targeted and seized by authorities. Security forces stormed the school compounds and demanded the handover of control.

In Eritrea, the government considers religion a threat to the state. They have also claimed that the school closures are in line with regulations they introduced in 1995, which limit the activities of religious institutions and organisations.

Many of the schools targeted were respected institutions founded more than 70 years ago. Most of the students at the schools are from economically disadvantaged families.

Eritrea is an extremely volatile place for Christians. It is sometimes called the ‘North Korea of Africa’. Hundreds of Eritrean Christians have been arrested and detained since the beginning of the year.

Earlier this year, health centres run by Christian organisations were also forced to close, leaving thousands of patients without care.

However even as the government increasingly cracks down on Christian institutions, believers are standing strong in their faith and following Jesus, no matter the cost.

Pray For Eritrea:

  • Pray that God will grant those impacted with peace and grace amidst uncertainty.
  • Pray that the children affected by school closures will be able to continue their schooling.
  • Pray that parents will have courage and wisdom as they help their children navigate this situation and make decisions about their education.


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