By Open Doors 29 September 2020

 Danger For Christians Released From Prison

27 Christians have been released from prison. But the danger to their lives and faith is more present than ever.

27 believers were recently released on bail after being detained without trial. The 19 men and eight women had been imprisoned from four to 16 years, some sources suggesting COVID-19 to be the reason for their release.

“The cycle of arrest and release is not anything new,” an Open Doors spokesperson said.

“But what makes this unusual is the fact that those released have been inside for quite long. We have been told that those released were forced to sign some kind of declaration that usually includes a promise to cease religious activities.”

On top of the forced signing of the declaration, most of the released Christians have now been sent into national service to perform military or other national duties indefinitely. Working in inhumane conditions with no way to make a basic living, these Christians’ lives are at extreme risk.

According to local sources, thousands of other Christians remain detained in Eritrean prisons for their faith.

Please pray for believers in Eritrea.

Pray For Eritrea:

  • Pray for safety and protection over the released believers.
  • Pray that the Christians, imprisoned and released, will be reminded of God’s love and stand firm in faith.
  • Pray that the Eritrean church would grow, both in spiritual maturity and in number.

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