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Escaping The Taliban

The Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan in 2021 made headlines around the world. Secret believers in the country had always known it was a possibility – even before this takeover, Christians faced extreme persecution in Afghanistan. The country was already number two on the Open Doors World Watch List. Somehow it got even worse. For the first time ever, Afghanistan is now number one on the World Watch List.

Amidst the escalating threat of violence and abduction, Zabi* and her mother had no choice but to flee Afghanistan for their lives.

Zabi isn’t just a well-educated young woman. She’s also a human rights advocate, making her a huge target for the Taliban.

Five years ago, they abducted her father because of his faith, torturing him for several months before killing him. And only two years ago, Zabi’s brother disappeared. He was also a Christian.

“Our Situation Is Desperate”

“What will happen to me? I’m praying I can leave this country and go somewhere safe.”

Aerial photograph of Kabul, Afghanistan.

Even after her miraculous escape from her home country, the threat to Zabi’s life continued looming.

“Our situation is desperate,” Zabi said. “I have money in my bank account but cannot access it from here. What will happen to me? I’m praying I can leave this country and go somewhere safe. I may have to go into hiding or I’ll be deported to Afghanistan, but I may be killed if that happens.

“We don’t have food or extra clothes. We cannot pay the rent of the apartment. I feel alone and hopeless… What am I supposed to do? I feel depressed if I’m honest. I can only think about survival. How are my mother and I going to live?”

Hope In The Darkest Moment

“You are a strand of hope to me. There’s a chance I may live.”

Two children in a cart, Afghanistan.

In her darkest moment – at a time when Zabi doubted she could survive – you stepped in.

Your support sent local partners to Zabi’s side to encourage her, pray for her, and provide practical support like food and rent.

Zabi said, “Thank God for your food and clothes deliveries, your financial support and your prayers and encouragement,” shares Zabi. “You are a strand of hope to me. There’s a chance I may live.”

A local partner said, “Zabi’s grateful for the support, but it’s like being happy that someone showed up to the funeral of a loved one. You’re happy this person is there, but you’re still overwhelmed with grief. It’s the same for her.
“She’s so thankful that we’re helping, but at the same time, she’s still in shock about what happened. We just have to be with her and help her where we can.”

Zabi is uncertain about her future, though still trusting in God and faithfully following Jesus. Millions of other Christians make that same courageous choice every day. Thank you for being that ‘strand of hope’ that Zabi describes. Your prayers and giving help these brothers and sisters know that they aren’t alone.

*Name changed for security purposes.

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