By Open Doors 22 September 2020

 Thousands Displaced During Protests

The impact of deadly protests across Ethiopia is continuing to shake minority communities, including Christians.

Violence erupted following the murder of a well-known musician and activist at the hands of extremists.

“Some [of those killed] were mourners and protesters, killed by security forces when they opened lethal fire,” Human Rights Watch reported.

Open Doors has since learnt that over 9,000 people are now displaced as a result of the violence, most of them Christian. With believers already vulnerable to extremist violence, alongside the ongoing risk of COVID-19, displacement has only made life harder.

In its effort to suppress the reoccurring protests, the Ethiopian government shut down internet services for over three weeks, as well as several TV networks and stations. They also arrested a number of prominent political opponents and journalists.

This has all occurred in light of the nation’s nearing election.

Currently the 39th hardest place to be a Christian, Ethiopia is already home to some of the most dangerous and suppressive forms of persecution. Please pray for its church.

Pray For Ethiopia:

  • Pray for God’s peace to bring restoration to the country. Pray the church will be faithful in helping carry this through.
  • Pray that violence and persecution will only push Christians further into faith, trusting in the Lord’s good plan.
  • Pray for provision and comfort over those displaced and affected by violence.

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