By Open Doors 9 May 2022 1 MIN

India: Pastor Killed Near Home

A pastor has been found dead near his home following a series of threatening notes.

Pastor Yalam Shankar had received a series of threatening letters in the months leading up to his murder. They included his name along with 27 other pastors in his area, stating that if they converted anyone to Christianity, they would be killed. The letters were signed by the Naxalites, an Indian communist group.

But despite the serious threats, Pastor Yalam continued to preach.

“It is quite evident that it is the Naxalites who have killed him,” an Open Doors partner shared. “In the previous year, so many pastors have been killed by Naxalites in these areas.”

Will you take a moment to pray?

Pray For India:

  • Pray for Pastor Yalam’s family and congregation as they grieve their loss.
  • Praise God for Pastor Yalam’s courage to preach the gospel, no matter the cost. Pray that his bravery emboldens others to carry on his legacy.
  • Indian pastors are some of the most vulnerable to persecution. Pray for their safety.

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