By Open Doors 25 August 2022 1 MIN

India | Six Christian Women Arrested

Six Christian women in Uttar Pradesh, a state in India, have been accused of carrying out religious conversion and arrested. They were part of a group of around 100 members of a local Christian community who had gathered to celebrate a birthday.

Members of a local religious extremist group were appalled at such a large gathering. So, they barged into the gathering, started recording the activities of the guests and grabbed their Bibles, songbooks, and other religious literature.

After this, they went to the police station and filed a complaint against them citing that they were performing coercive conversion and served the Christian literature as a proof. Following this, the police came in and arrested the six women.

Please pray for these women, and for Christians in India who live under threat of imprisonment and harassment.

Pray For India:

  • Pray that the six women in prison will feel God’s peace and comfort.
  • Pray that these women will be released, along with other falsely accused Christians
  • Pray that Christian communities in India will have the courage to continue meeting.

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