By Open Doors 27 October 2020

Pray With The Persecuted Church

On International Day Of Prayer (1 November 2020), Christians all over the world are praying with the persecuted church.

Christians from Iran to Ethiopia, China to Syria have shared with Open Doors how you, the global Church, can pray with them.

One such believer is Khan* from Central Asia. He was violently attacked by his family with a chainsaw when he shared the gospel with his own son.

He reached a hospital where he underwent several surgeries for his wounds but soon decided to return home.

“If I leave, who will tell them about Jesus?” he said. “How can they learn about Him if not through me? The more brutally they beat me, the more I saw their need for a loving Messiah.”

This International Day Of Prayer, Khan is asking that you pray over him as he shares the love of Christ with his community amidst violent threats and COVID-19.

Pray For International Day Of Prayer:

  • Pray this day (1 November) will be a blessing to believers worldwide and a powerful reminder of God’s unifying love.
  • Praise God for Khan’s courage to share the gospel, no matter the cost.
  • Pray for wisdom and opportunities for Khan’s family to share their faith from isolation during to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stay updated  with the latest news from the persecuted church. 
*Name changed for security purpose.