By Open Doors 3 November 2022 1 MIN

Kyrgyzstan | New Believers Targeted

We have received new reports of several cases of persecution in Kyrgyzstan where indigenous citizens converting to Christianity are being targeted because of their newfound faith. These Christians are experiencing pressure and even physical violence because of their belief in Jesus Christ. Here are three of their stories.

Esa, 61, had been attending a church in secret. When his relatives and the local villagers found out he had converted to Christianity, they threatened him with violence. He was told to renounce his faith in Jesus Christ. As a result of a confrontation with a neighbour who came to threaten him, Esa, along with his family, was forced to relocate to another city. Now he is finding it difficult to find a proper job.

Bakbol is 18 years old. He, his father, and his sister became believers in Jesus Christ. Recently, Bakbol’s elder brother returned from Russia to live with them again. When the brother, who is also an alcoholic, found out that his family had become Christians, he violently beat Bakbol and his father. Now the older brother has taken control of the family. He has forbidden them from attending church. He is threatening Bakbol, that unless he denies Christ, he will be sent to Russia to work.

Rene started attending church after he became a believer. He shared this good news with his Muslim friends. His friends then threatened him and told him to deny Christ. As Rene had remained faithful to the Lord and was not being swayed by the threats, his friends cut off all communications with him and even told other villagers, his close acquaintances, and his relatives about Rene’s new faith. He is now ostracised by his friends and family and is all alone.

Please pray for Esa, Bakbol, Rene, and other believers like them who face persecution in Kyrgyzstan.

Pray For Kyrgyzstan:

  • Pray for Esa’s situation, that God would provide for him and his family’s daily needs. Pray also that they will remain strong and continue to hold on to their faith.
  • Pray for Bakbol, his father and sister, that they will remain strong in their faith. Pray also that the elder brother will discover the love of Jesus Christ, and that he will be able to stop his excessive drinking.
  • Pray that Rene will feel at home in his new spiritual family. Pray that God will use him to be a light to his friends and family even though they have rejected him.

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