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Local Open Doors partners recently embarked on a dangerous journey to change lives with the gospel.

Getting a Bible in Laos is incredibly hard. Printing Bibles here is forbidden, and only a few select churches can distribute them.

Vilay* was one of our local contacts who took part in a recent Bible distribution operation to get more Bibles to believers struggling to get their hands on one.

“It was broad daylight. Another local partner and I loaded his truck with the boxes of Bibles shipped to us from neighbouring Thailand. As we drove on potholed and muddy roads, my feeling of uneasiness started to grow, and many troubling thoughts started to linger in my head. ‘What if the police stop us and learn that we will be distributing these Bibles? How long will they detain us in jail for? How much are they going to fine us?’

“But all of these worries suddenly flew away when we arrived at the pastor’s church where the believers were waiting for our arrival. I remember their faces. Children and the elderly, mothers and fathers, church members and pastors – their excitement and joy could not be hidden.

“As they were receiving the Bibles, I could not help but think of the day when each Christian in Laos will hold a copy of the Bible, live a life according to His Word, and conquer whatever life throws at them. What a great day that will be. I pray it will come soon!”

The Difference A Bible Makes

One of the believers to receive a Bible was Soy*, a 17-year-old and former prisoner for her faith.

“Thank you so much for the Bible that you provided for me,” Soy said.

“I am so grateful and overwhelmed when I hold it. This Bible helps me understand God’s Word. Because of it, I know more about who God is. I never had a chance to own a Bible. Now, I have my own Bible that I can read, learn and see things I never experienced in the past.”

Your prayerful support helps make ambitious missions like this possible. Will you continue praying?

*Names changed for security purposes.

Pray For Laos:

  • Pray this Bible delivery will bless persecuted believers, strengthening their faith and preparing them to share the gospel.
  • Pray more Bible deliveries will go ahead.
  • Praise God for the courage of local partners risking their safety to deliver Bibles.

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