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A Christian teenager in Laos is facing pressure from her family after she refused to deny her faith in Jesus.

19-year-old Mikon* was diagnosed with HIV when she was young, and sent to live in a Christian shelter to get treatment. It was here that she heard the gospel and came to know and love Jesus.

Recently, Mikon returned home to complete high school and share the gospel. Her family met her with hostility, demanding that she renounce her faith, quit school and work to support them. But Mikon stood steadfast and refused to deny her faith or walk away from her studies.

“I really want to finish high school and become a doctor in the future,” she said.

“I want to help others like myself who are suffering of HIV and share them the hope I have found in Jesus Christ. I am praying for financial support to cover my expenses.”

Fortunately, Mikon has been receiving financial support and emergency relief from local Open Doors partners.

Now, she can finish high school and receive health care at the hospital. But she still hopes her family will one day come to Christ.

Will you pray over her situation?

*Name changed for security purposes.

Pray For Mikon:

  • Pray over Mikon’s family. Pray that God will open their hearts, bringing restoration and transformation.
  • Pray over Mikon’s health. Pray that God will bring emotional and physical healing.
  • Praise God that Mikon has received support from local partners. Pray that it will set her up for a bright future.

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