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Malaysia | Music Program Impacts Children

Open Doors’ local partners have been heavily involved in various discipleship programs for the youth and young adults in East Malaysia, but when they noticed younger students wanting to be a part of the discipleship programs, they looked for ways to include the younger children in the teachings. Thus began the Music Program. A fun and engaging program, where children can pick up an instrument while learning about Jesus.

The program lasted 3 days, and during those days, local partners were able to engage with children with a few Bible stories and some arts and crafts activities, and learned to play the ukulele, the musical instrument of choice this time around. One partner, Anna, said, “I was amazed at how much of the Bible these kids knew. They could understand the concept of God’s love and in turn, are trying to love others in the same way.”

“Jesus went to the cross for us,” said one of the little girls in the group. “God forgave us of our sins and has redeemed us,” shouted a boy from the back. “God is our Father who is full of love!” said another child.

These types of programs are an important part of discipleship. The children are living in an area where the people are under constant pressure to convert to the majority religion. Teaching children to love Jesus at a young age is just one way to see a strong, faith-filled generation rising up.

Pray For Malaysia:

  • Pray that the children who participated in the program will continue to know and love Jesus more each day.
  • Thank God for His faithfulness and the way that He is stirring up His people in Malaysia.
  • Pray that our local partners will rely on God’s wisdom and strength as they serve Him.

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