By Open Doors 7 March 2022 1 MIN

Malaysia: New Believers Baptised

Four new believers were recently baptised at a Christian training camp run by local partners.

The local partners conducted the three-day camp designed for new believers to teach them about the gospel and prepare them for persecution.

This was the first time many of these believers could meet face-to-face with training being held online for the past two years.

The camp included basic lessons on the Bible and prayer. But after recognising that the participants needed further support, a local partner also ran a counselling session, as well as sports activities.

This turned out to be a big success. By the end, despite the risks, four attendants chose to be baptised.

Will you take a moment to pray over them and other believers in Malaysia?

Pray For Malaysia:

  • Praise God for the faith and courage of the new believers.
  • Pray that God would sustain the faith of the camp’s participants, continuing to strengthen them to face pressure and persecution.
  • Pray that our partners’ ministries in Malaysia will flourish, reaching more persecuted Christians this year.

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