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Malaysia | Supporting Physical And Spiritual Wellbeing

Over the past couple of years, our local partners in Malaysia have been distributing audio Bibles to indigenous believers in remote villages. Recently, it was made known to the local partners that some of these villagers are suffering because of the lack of basic healthcare essentials and supplements. Many of the children and infants are falling sick and not recovering well or quickly due to their lack of access to these essentials.

Sam, a local partner, said, “We very quickly realised that as much as the believers needed spiritual growth, they also needed physical nourishment for their bodies. We expanded our ministry to getting milk powder, eggs, and basic vitamin supplements and paracetamol for mothers and children.

“We began distribution in April of this year and were able to offer enough supplies for 3-4 months to 32 mothers and 27 children. We hope to see improvement in their growth and health with the essential supplies that were provided to them in the coming months.”

It is your generosity that has allowed local partners to help believers all around the world. We thank God for you! Please continue to pray alongside these Malaysian believers.

Pray For Malaysia:

  • Praise God that our local partners have been able to help Christians in need.
  • Pray that Christians living in remote villages will have continue to have access to healthcare and local language Bibles.
  • Pray that these Christians will be a witness for Christ in their communities.

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