By Open Doors 21 February 2024 4 MIN

New Translation of the Bible Launched in Indonesia

A 20-year dream and hope for the Moi tribe in Papua, Indonesia, has finally been realised: they now have a Bible in their native language. This mission was made possible by God’s grace through Open Doors supporters, who provided funding for the printing and shipping of 1,000 Bibles to the Moi tribe.

A 20-Year Dream Fulfilled

Stephen and Carolyn Crockett, a missionary couple, met our local partner Ari Hartono* in June 2023 and shared that they are working on a Bible translation to the Moi language, a tribe in Papua whom they have been ministering to for 23 years.

According to Stephen, there are roughly 1,000 Moi people, and around 400-750 of them are literate. He had desired for the Moi people to be able to read the Bible in their native language, and for this reason, he and his wife spent 20 years translating the New Testament into the Moi language, with help from three locals.

On 4 January 2024, hundreds of Moi people stood on the runway, waiting for something they had been dreaming of. They welcomed the Bibles by shouting and dancing around the plane transporting them. Before carrying the Bibles to the meeting hall, they prayed and expressed their gratitude to God for these Bibles.

Brother Andrew’s Legacy Lives On

This was Ari’s impression when he visited Papua and witnessed the Moi tribe’s joy upon receiving the Bible in their own language. He said:

“Stephen’s effort to present the Bible in the Moi tribe’s language reminded me of how Brother Andrew started Open Doors. We aim to present the Bible in local languages so that the tribes can fully comprehend God’s Word. That means we contribute to ‘strengthening what remains and is about to die (Rev 3:2).’ My hope is that the entire Moi tribe can read the Bible in their native language and grow in faith in Jesus Christ.”

Pray for Papua:

  • Pray for the Crockett family and other missionaries to remain faithful in serving the tribes in the interior of Papua.
  • Pray that the Moi tribe’s literacy rate will reach 100%, allowing individuals to read the Bible for themselves in their language.
  • Pray that this Moi Bible brings real transformation in the lives of believers and non-believers in Papua.

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