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Niger | Pray for stability in the country

Niger Military Coup

On Wednesday, 26 July 2023, soldiers appeared on national television announcing that Niger’s President, Mohamed Bazoum, has been removed from power after being detained in the presidential palace. This military coup marks the ninth takeover in the West and Central Africa region in the last decade. 

Last Friday, 28 July 2023, Gen Abdourahmane Tchianithe, head of the presidential guard’s unit declared himself Niger’s new leader.   

The military coup in Niger will open the West African nation up to further attacks from Islamic extremists, says Illia Djadi, an expert from Open Doors.

Djadi, who is originally from Niger, warns that it marks “a new era of uncertainty as radical groups will make the most of the insecurity”. 

“I feel really sad,” said Djadi. “This is an unexpected development. Niger has been a safe haven, an island of peace in a very unstable region.  

“Niger has been the key ally of Western countries in the fight against terrorism. When French troops were kicked out of other West African nations, they were deployed in Niger. Germany did the same. Now there is a new era of uncertainty,” Djadi says. 

“Niger is joining this group of countries run by the military. There is a kind of domino effect. Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Chad and now Niger. Who’s next? Any political instability can only benefit the Islamist groups. They will all try to benefit from the political instability.” 

The Sahel region is gaining the reputation as the “coup belt”. For a summary of the countries that have experienced power grabs, please see the Reuters article here.

West Africa recorded over 1,800 terrorist attacks in the first six months of the year resulting in nearly 4,600 deaths with dire humanitarian consequences, AP News reports. 

Pray For Niger:

  • Pray for stability in the country as turmoil grows and rumours spiral on social media.
  • Pray for the church in Niger to be a light in these turbulent times.
  • Pray this new regime would show mercy to the church in Niger.
  • Pray that the protests will be peaceful and not escalate into violence.

Stay updatedwith the latest prayer requests from the persecuted church.

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