By Open Doors 1 February 2022 2 MIN

Podcast: The Most Dangerous Countries To Follow Jesus

Open Doors LIVE is a monthly podcast unpacking stories from the persecuted church that will challenge everything you know about faith, Jesus and the Church.

Open Doors LIVE Podcast – Episode 69: The Most Dangerous Countries To Follow Jesus

How are you feeling at the start of 2022? You might be feeling a bit grey, like the bright colours of life are a little muted. But there’s still life, hope and joy to be found even in difficult times. Just look at the persecuted church. They’re living proof that the hope of Jesus can be found in hardship.

In this episode, we explore the newly released World Watch List 2022 and shares stories from the most dangerous countries to follow Jesus.

In this episode:

  • The launch of the World Watch List 2022 and the #1 most dangerous country for Christians.
  • Hear stories that will shake your faith from Afghanistan, Nigeria and Somalia.
  • How you can pray for the persecuted church this year.



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Open Doors began in 1955 when Brother Andrew smuggled Bibles to persecuted Christians. We now work in over 70 countries supporting Christians who are persecuted for their faith in Jesus. To find out what it’s like to be a Christian in the most dangerous places on the planet, check out our World Watch List.