By Open Doors 13 February 2020

 Churches Destroyed Twice In One Month

Three churches in the south of Sudan have been burned down by arsonists for the second time in a month. While the incidents were reported to police, there was no further investigation.

On the evening of 28 December, the Sudan Internal Church, Catholic Church, and Orthodox Church, all located near the border with South Sudan, were attacked for the first time. There were no reported injuries or fatalities.

The three churches were restored using local materials before being set alight a second time just weeks later.

Officials have said that an investigation into the second attack is underway. However, the Human Rights and Development Organisation found that no action was being taken.

The region continues to be at the centre of ongoing armed conflict between government forces and militants. Years of fighting have forced hundreds of thousands to flee the region.

Please pray for the people of Sudan.

Pray For Sudan:

  • Pray that the churches affected will be emboldened to share the gospel in their communities.
  • Pray that church leaders in Sudan will be equipped with wisdom as their congregations face persecution.
  • Pray that Christ’s love will reach the hearts of persecutors in Sudan.

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