By Open Doors 15 April 2020

Death Penalty To Be Abolished

In an unprecedented move, the Sudanese government has begun plans to abolish the death penalty for leaving Islam and dissolve all government-sanctioned church committees.

Enforced by strict Sharia (Islamic) law, the church in Sudan has been held under strict regulations and faced extreme penalties, especially for those who left Islam to follow Jesus.

Member of the Forces for Freedom and Change Coordination Council, Mohamed Hassan Arabi, said “Punishment for leaving a religion puts freedom of opinion and belief at risk and undermines social peace and stability.”

Under existing laws, several Sudanese citizens have been sentenced and executed.

Churches have welcomed these steps towards religious freedom.

“These are remarkable developments,” said Jo Newhouse, a persecution expert based in Sub-Saharan Africa. “But we urge authorities to ensure that all relevant parties adhere to the order without delay and for properties confiscated under these committees to be returned to churches.”

Authorities have also started investigations into several extremist attacks on a church in the country’s capital, Khartoum.

Even after decades of instability, God continues to transform hearts, making a way for His kingdom to be strengthened even in the most dangerous places to follow Him.

Please continue to pray for the church in Sudan.

Pray For Sudan:

  • Praise God that He is making a way for Sudanese believers to practise and share their faith safely.
  • Pray that Sudanese believers will be emboldened in faith, sharing the gospel and helping build God’s kingdom in the country.
  • Pray for authorities, that they will lead the Sudanese people with God-given wisdom and love.

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