By Open Doors 19 May 2020

 War Makes The Church Grow Stronger

Since the insurgence of extremism at the beginning of the Syrian Civil War, Christians living in Syria have experienced severe persecution. Yet, according to one local pastor, conflict has only made the church grow stronger.

Pastor George from Alliance Church, a partner of Open Doors, has used the conflict as an opportunity to demonstrate God’s love to the most vulnerable in his community. Now he sees the Syrian church growing stronger than ever.

“When the Turkish armed forces recently attacked, many bombs exploded around houses. People were killed or injured as houses and shops were destroyed.

“But people continued to come to church even though the bombs were falling. Although the war is so awful, God turns ashes into beauty and a lot of people come to Christ. The war makes people think about their life and made people from a Muslim background question their faith.

“As many people in the region became needy because of displacement, our church helped the families most in need. We helped with humanitarian aid. We visited affected families and encouraged them, giving them support and food and warm clothes. Jesus taught us to show love. This motivated us to show God’s love in a very practical way to help people. We help all those we can help.

“The war, in my opinion, has positive sides. It’s a chance for people to hear about Jesus. Now of course, people in my church are persecuted. Some are beaten because of their faith. But persecution comes to believers who abide in God and they are ready to die for Jesus.”

Please pray for the Syrian church.

Pray For Syria:

  • Pray for peace and provision for Christians in times of violence and persecution.
  • Praise God for the strength of the Syrian church and pray they continue to share love to those around them.
  • Pray for a peaceful resolution to conflict in Syria.

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