By Open Doors 2 March 2023 4 MIN

The Hidden Persecution of Christian Women

Life is hard for women in Iran. For women who convert to Christianity, it’s worse. But even amid danger, women are finding strength and dignity.

Tears rolled down Sahar’s face as she was driven away from the family home. The pain was overwhelming, and she cried out to God – “Why are you allowing this to happen?”

Sahar, a new convert to Christianity, was thrown out of home when her husband discovered her faith. Separation from her two young children was heart-breaking. But while Sahar’s suffering was devastating, it’s not unusual. Christian women who’ve converted from Islam, both in Iran and around the world, face intense persecution.

Growing up in Iran in a Muslim family, Sahar felt empty. For decades, she searched for God. It was only when her sister-in-law gave her a New Testament Bible that Sahar found peace.

“I read it from cover to cover, and when I closed the book I felt a calmness covering my spirit, soul and life. I was transformed through Christ.”


But in choosing to follow Jesus, Sahar took an enormous risk.

Iran is the eighth most dangerous place in the world to be a Christian, according to the 2023 World Watch List. And women from the Middle East and North Africa, who’ve converted from Islam, are among the most persecuted believers in the world. For women, persecution is hidden, complex and violent… Forced marriage, divorce, rape and physical beatings all happen behind closed doors.

It means millions of women and girls suffer in silence.


Sahar was imprisoned for her faith, but today, she lives in Turkey and ministers to other persecuted Christian women – restoring their strength and dignity. This is only possible with your support. Your gifts and prayers can give courage and confidence to persecuted women. Through discipleship training and trauma care, they can be strengthened and equipped to reach their God-given potential.

Will you restore strength and dignity for women like Sahar?

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For Sahar and her family. Ask God to use her as a powerful witness to Christ’s love among other Iranian women.

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