By Open Doors 1 May 2024 4 MIN

Update on Dudul

Overcoming Trauma After Horrific Persecution

On 4 April, we reported on the horrific treatment of 15-year-old Bangladeshi teenager, Dudul, who was persecuted, stripped bare, and beaten publicly by local Muslims because he is a Christian. Read the original story here.

This past week, our Open Doors local partners gave the update that, after enduring much shame and ridicule from the people in his community, Dudul is working to overcome his trauma. However, he will never truly be able to forget the horrific event that took place on Friday, 22 March.

Difficulty Going Back to Normal Life

Dudul’s parents and loved ones are encouraging him to slowly get back into his daily routine, accompanying him as much as possible to ease him into the transition. It’s difficult to go back to life as it was after being persecuted by the same people you may see on your daily route to work and back home. Nevertheless, Dudul has been going out in the village and engaging in his daily work, though he still avoids the tree he was tied to and beaten so brutally by the villagers.

He’s doing much better than before, though he isn’t free from his panic attacks. Because the family complained to the police about the incident, the perpetrators are now hurling threats of further persecution. They even forced Dudul’s family to formally withdraw the complaint; only then will the threats stop.

Additionally, the perpetrators have encouraged other villagers to ignore this family, “Don’t cooperate with them, don’t hire them for work, don’t talk to them, and don’t share anything,” said the perpetrator. Because the perpetrators have some political power within the village, the local villagers listen to them, and the authorities take no action against them.

Food Crisis for Dudul’s Family

Due to the excommunication of Dudul and his family, they are experiencing a food crisis. Their daily needs are not met because no one is willing to hire them for daily labour work. There are 9 people to feed in Dudul’s family, including a 4-year-old boy.

Open Doors’ local partners are supporting the family with non-perishable food items and a few emergency needs, along with taking care of Dudul’s hospital bills. Local partners have encouraged the family to reach out to them for any need in the future.

Please continue to pray for this family.

Pray for Dudul:

  • Pray for Dudul’s full recovery. He is persevering, but it’s not easy for him to overcome the situation. Pray for God to guide him and help him to find ways to continue living a shame-free life.
  • Pray for God to protect the family from further persecution. This family has suffered a lot and is still facing pressure from the persecutors. Pray for God to help the victim forgive the persecutors.
  • Pray for work opportunities for the victim’s family. They are suffering as they do not have work and do not have earning sources. Pray for God to open ways for this family.

Stay updated with the latest prayer requests from the persecuted church.

Give Help to the Hurting

Strengthen the Church in India

In India, our brothers and sisters are enduring extreme persecution because they love Jesus. Their church buildings are being destroyed, they are being imprisoned and beaten, and they face constant threats from authorities and false charges of conversion.

Today, will you give help to the hurting, and strengthen our Indian family in their great time of need? 

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