By Open Doors 19 October 2020

Authorities Help Families

Vietnam is one of the most dangerous places to be a Christian, and persecution is often left unchecked by authorities. But for three Christian families, something miraculous recently occurred.

The three families converted from their ancestral religion at a Christmas event last year. When they returned home, they were greeted by an angry mob.

When the families refused to bow down to their former idols and offer a sacrifice, violence ensued.

Since their conversion, local community members have continued to harass, beat and destroy the property and homes of the families.

Recently, the situation took a surprising turn as authorities stepped in.

Without any permanent shelter, authorities assisted the local church in supplying the three families with safe housing and offered to mediate negotiations with the village.

An Open Doors local contact reported: “The families are willing to give up all their belongings… so they can now settle into a new life and live peacefully as Christians.”

Vietnam is currently the 21st most dangerous place to be a Christian. Please pray for the Vietnamese church.


Pray  For Vietnam:

  • Praise God many new believers can reach life-changing support from churches and authorities.
  • Pray that the three families will not be discouraged by persecution, rather convicted to seek Jesus and share His love with persecutors.
  • Pray for provision and protection as they seek to start new lives elsewhere.

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