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Vietnam | Family Expelled From Village

Xong Ba Thong and his family were thrown out of their home in Vietnam after they became Christians. The Vietnamese government are also planning to amend their 2018 religion law to further limit freedom of religion or belief in the country.

Thong’s family of 13, including his parents, converted to Christianity in 2017 as a result of listening to radio broadcasts. Despite pressure from local government officials to renounce their newfound faith, the ethnic Hmong family joined the state-approved (Protestant) Evangelical Church of Vietnam (North).

However, the harassment continued, including house visits and summons to the commune headquarters. Local officials also confiscated their plough and cut off their electricity, undermining their livelihood.

Following a community vote on 4 June, the family was officially expelled from the village and, as a result, no longer has access to public services and can’t obtain vital identity documents such as birth certificates.

Pray For Vietnam:

  • Pray that God will strengthen Thong and his family.
  • Pray that the family’s faith will draw others to know Jesus.
  • Pray that the tightening of the religion law will not be implemented.

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