By Open Doors 8 February 2021

First Public Christian Library Opens

After a six-month approval process, the first Christian library in Vietnam has opened its doors to the public.

The opening comes as a surprise to many as Vietnam ranked the 19th most dangerous place to be a Christian on the World Watch List 2021.

The Ho Chi Minh-based library stocks around 5,000 titles on its shelves, both in Vietnamese and English, ranging from theology and ministry resources to commentaries and historical literature.

“For the Vietnamese Protestants, this is the first time they pooled collective efforts in order to establish a proper library in Vietnam,” Vu Le, executive director of Bible Society Vietnam, told Eternity News.

“On the one hand, religious persecution is real, and all Christian operations are working in a politically hostile environment. There is always a risk of being shut down suddenly. On the other hand, the state tolerates some of our activities, such as operating a Bible Society and opening a library.

“I hope it will be a centre of Christian learning. Through the library, we want students of the theological programs to have resources for their studies; church workers to engage with more biblical and theological materials; thoughtful people who would like to know more of the Bible and Christian theology.”

In light of the recent library opening, please be praying over Vietnam.

Pray For Vietnam: 

  • Praise God that He is moving and making a way even in one of the most dangerous places to follow Him.
  • Pray the library will be a blessing to Christians and those exploring the Christian faith.
  • Pray more Christians in Vietnam may access the Word. Pray for protection over Open Doors’ partners as they continue this work. 

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