By Open Doors 27 July 2020

 New Believer Beaten And Shunned

Kuo*, a new Christian in Vietnam, was recently attacked by his family for refusing to deny Jesus.

The father of four accepted Jesus last year when a friend introduced him to the gospel.

But soon after, his cousins discovered and demanded he abandon his faith.

When Kuo refused to return to his former animist religion, his family beat him with branches and stones until he fell unconscious. Severely injured, he reached a nearby hospital and was discharged several days later.

However, when Kuo returned to his farm, he discovered that the land had been confiscated by his relatives who ordered him to leave.

Kuo and his family are now in another village, receiving food and shelter from a local church.

Still recovering from the violence and shunning, Kuo has asked for the prayers of his brothers and sisters around the world.

Pray For Vietnam:

  • Pray for the Lord’s provision over Kuo’s young family and that they come to thrive in their new village.
  • Pray Kuo will find healing and restoration as he continues to walk with the Lord after the traumatic events.
  • Pray Kuo’s persecutors will encounter God and come to love Him.
  • Pray Christians across Vietnam will hold tightly to Jesus despite persecution.

*Name changed for security purposes.

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