By Open Doors 21 September 2022 4 MIN

Write To New Christian, Talitha

This writing campaign has closed.

When Talitha came to faith as a 17-year-old in her Central Asian country, everything changed.

From the moment she gave her heart to Jesus, she was a secret believer, having to keep her faith from even her own family. She fears for the moment her parents or other family members find out that she is a Christian believer.

In Talitha’s country, becoming a Christian is seen as a betrayal, and family members will do whatever they have to do, trying to get Christians to renounce their faith in Jesus – even to the point of physical violence.

Despite the risks, Talitha decided that she wanted to be baptised. The new underground church that she had joined was closed by the authorities, but a fellow church allowed her to use their building for her baptism.

As a relatively new Christian, Talitha doesn’t know much about a worldwide body of Christ, or the new family that she has become a part of through Jesus. Send her a message today to let her know that she is not alone, despite having to follow Jesus in secret.

Writing Guidelines

  • To assist in translation, please write in simple English and please keep your letter brief.
  • Be brief and encouraging
  • Please show sensitivity; please don’t dwell on Talitha’s plight or share about the blessings of life in your country.

For Security

  • Do not mention Open Doors in your letters.
  • You may provide your name, but do not provide your full address.
  • Do not criticise a country’s religion or religious extremists, its government, judicial system, or political leaders.
  • Do not make proposals to help.

This letter-writing opportunity is available through 30 November 2022 and is accepting DIGITAL letters only (no physical messages).

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