By Nicole Todd 25 July 2022

Project Spotlight: Your Impact For Afghan Refugees

The cost of following Jesus is higher than ever and affecting an increasing number of believers all the world.

Currently, more than 360 million Christians suffer high levels of persecution and discrimination for their faith. And Afghanistan is the most dangerous place in the world to follow Jesus.

Yet the greater the need, the greater the impact of the faithful prayer and support of the wider church – that’s you! When our brothers and sisters were brutally attacked, discriminated against, affected by social unrests, natural disasters, or war, we acted by mobilising prayer, being present, and responding to their needs. This global impact is yours – because it was only possible through your generosity. Thank you!


When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in 2021, almost 1,500 people like you across Australia and New Zealand gave to those affected by the crisis in Afghanistan. In order to preserve the safety of our work in the region, it’s difficult to provide updates, however we did receive this letter from a local partner that we wanted to share with you. Your generosity is hard at work in the field, making a real, tangible difference for Christians in the region!

Dear brothers and sisters, I want to tell you very good news.

We have started a ministry on the border with Afghanistan in our Central Asia country. This is a very difficult and closed area for the gospel. But by the grace of the Lord, we can serve in this region.

Now there are a lot of refugees from Afghanistan. Many of them are hiding in a deserted area, without clothes, food, and especially in drinking water.

Many people who live there cannot get their water because of climate change and the special terrain. Those who have at least a small income in the family can afford to buy water, but such people are very few. Basically, people drink rainwater and water from the river and ditches.

We prayed a lot to somehow influence this situation and thanks to the Lord, your prayers, and your help, we were able to realise our dream and the dream of many people in this region.

We started drilling 240 metres deep and found water there! This path was very difficult, and there was no equipment that could reach such depths. Fortunately, one company agreed to help us and ordered additional special equipment to drill at such a depth.

For a month, the machine and three shifts of workers, around the clock, did not stop working. And finally, a miracle happened. After a month of work, we reached the desired depth and found water.

Now, local residents and refugees from Afghanistan, our minister, his family and believing brothers and sister, will use this source completely free of charge!

Praise the Lord!



Last year, supporters like you helped almost 700,000 persecuted Christians by providing practical support in the form of emergency relief, livelihood support and education, medical care, and microloans.

Thank you for your far-reaching impact to help people follow Jesus, no matter the cost.

Thanks For Making A Difference!

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