A Worship Journey Into Broken Places

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By Beth Westwood | 26 July 2018

Hillsong Worship hosted a masterclass at Hillsong Conference in Sydney, in partnership with Open Doors.

‘A Worship Journey to Broken Places’ was full of stories from the field and the way God is building his Church, even in some of the darkest places in the world. Listen or watch below!


The Church And People Of Action 

Cass Langton, creative pastor at Hillsong described the way worship reminds her of God’s goodness.

“I can remember standing at my niece’s funeral,” Cass said, “she was 3-years-old and as a family, we stood on the front row singing that song [‘How Great Is Our God’] and I didn’t necessarily think God was good in that moment.

"And yet that worship song reminded me that God is good in spite of circumstance, regardless of how I feel or what is going on in my life.” 

“God is not looking for us to be apathetic or lethargic as a Church,” she continued, “but to be people of action. And not to just to sing about Him or to Him, but to be moved by what He loves and what He wants. And I think He wants justice.”

Worthy Of Our Worship

Brooke Ligertwood, singer and songwriter for Hillsong Worship, was 17 and discovering the power of worship as a new Christian when she came across a story that changed her life. 

“There were two young men who heard about a slave plantation on an island where the gospel had never been preached. They started investigating ways to get there and share the gospel with these people. They discovered the only way to get there was to sell themselves into slavery and become slaves. 

"So, the story goes as their family stood on the dock, these two young men boarded this boat in chains to preach the gospel. The boat pulled away from the shore and they turned back to their families, who they didn’t know if they’d ever return to again. And they called out:

‘We do this so that the lamb may receive the reward for his suffering.’

"That story changed my life. That’s why we do this. That the lamb may receive the reward for His suffering because He is worthy, He has suffered ultimately.”

The Persecuted Church Filled With Hope

Mike Gore, CEO Open Doors Australia and New Zealand, shared how believers around the world were passionate about fulfilling The Great Commission regardless of the cost.

“I remember we were in a church in Central Asia,” Mike said, “and the pastor asked me to speak and I said isn’t this dangerous for you? And he said ‘Brother Mike if they don’t beat us today, they’ll beat us tomorrow. But if it is today, that’s okay, just preach.”

“[The persecuted church] is one of the most beautiful and hope-filled things on the planet."

"As an organisation, if we want to stop persecution it’s easy – just get people to stop talking about Jesus. Because the reality is wherever the gospel is being shared persecution exists. Our job isn’t to stop persecution but to give people the strength to stand in the face of it and shine as brightly as they can.”

Your Letters Make A Difference

At the end of the Masterclass, people were given a chance to respond by writing letters to the persecuted church. We collected over 300 letters to send to Christians living in some of the hardest places to follows Jesus. 

Thank you to Hillsong Worship and all those who attended the Masterclass.

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