Sources of PersecutionIslamic Oppression
Christian Population125,000
GovernmentPresidential Republic
LeaderPresident Abdelaziz Bouteflika


In 2018, violence increased dramatically in Algeria and a dozen churches were closed. Algeria rose 20 ranks on the 2019 World Watch List. The main source of violence comes from relatives of Christian converts.

It’s even more dangerous for Christians in rural and conservative Islamic parts of the country. Even though their new faith could be potentially life threatening, Christians are becoming bolder in sharing the gospel. Some believers have been imprisoned for sharing their faith on social media.

There is increasing political support for hard-line Islamic groups. While Algeria has had political stability for nearly twenty years, there is concern about whether that stability will endure in the 2019 election. Even though the influence of Islamic extremism is increasing, there is still an openness to the gospel and people are coming to faith in Jesus.


“I couldn’t renounce Jesus, I couldn’t renounce my faith. I said to my children: ‘I love you, I love you, but I love Jesus more’.” – Ibrahim*, Christian from a Muslim background.

When Ibrahim came to faith in Jesus, he was afraid and didn’t tell anyone. When he felt to share his new faith, his parents beat him and took his wife and children. Thankfully, he is now reunited with his wife and children and has a Christian community around him.

Our Work

Through our local partners, we distribute Bibles and Christian literature, help Christians find jobs and train believers.

Pray for Algeria

“God uses suffering to educate and transform His people… In difficulties I fix my eyes on God, I recognise that He is sovereign.” – Bible school student from Algeria.

Pray for Christians from a Muslim background in Algeria who face pressure to renounce their faith in Jesus.

Pray for God to give peace and wisdom to church leaders, especially as more churches close.

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