RegionCentral Asia
Sources of PersecutionDictatorial Paranoia
Christian Population4,580,000
GovernmentAuthoritarian Presidential Republic
LeaderPresident Nursultan Nazarbayev


Kazakhstan: Religion Restricted.
While there is some religious freedom, locals believe “to be Kazakh is to be Muslim.” This makes life hard for those who leave Islam to follow Jesus. They’re often attacked or placed under house arrest for refusing to deny God. Life may also get harder for believers when hundreds of Islamic State fighters return home.

Criminalising Church.
Many churches struggle to receive registration. They’re forced to operate illegally. Churches are regularly raided by police and fined. Their literature and equipment is confiscated. Any Christian activity outside a registered church is banned. Under 18-year-olds can’t go to a Sunday service unless both parents agree. 

Christians often experience discrimination in their workplaces. Teachers can be made redundant just for attending an evangelical church. Christian schools, charities and medical clinics are also illegal. With increasing restrictions on religion, the situation is expected to get worse for Christians in Kazakhstan. 

Your help makes a difference for persecuted Christians in Central Asia by:

  • Literature distribution.
  • Biblical training. 

  • Social-economic development projects and job training.

  • Women and children’s ministry.

Pray for Kazakhstan

Pray for God to soften the hearts of those in government. Pray that they meet Jesus for themselves. 

Pray for Christians who are persecuted for leaving Islam, that they will continue to stand strong. 

Pray for peace for church leaders. Ask God to give them wisdom on how to lead their congregations.

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