RegionLatin America
Sources of PersecutionOrganised Corruption
Christian Population124,869,000
GovernmentFederal Republic
LeaderPresident Enrique Peña Nieto


Mexico: Violence, Corruption And Tradition.
Persecution varies based on location. In the south, Christians are harassed by those with tribal beliefs. In areas with a high drug trade, Christians are opposed violently. In particular, churches sharing the gospel with drug addicts are targeted by gangs due to the impact this has on their criminal operations.

Targets For Organised Crime.
In Mexico church leaders and young people are targets for persecution. It is not uncommon for church leaders to be kidnapped because of their involvement in spreading the gospel. Church leaders are also monitored and receive regular death threats. Church buildings are large targets that can easily be attacked. 

Children are vulnerable to being recruited by gangs and forced into organised crime. For this reason, churches that attract young people are seen as a threat. If they have Christian parents, children are often separated from them to prevent them from sharing the same faith.

Your help makes a difference for Christians in Mexico by:

  • Engaging and equipping the Mexican Church to reach out to the persecuted church.

  • Projects that increase the resilience of the church to cope with persecution.

  • Advocacy to address the root causes of persecution at the local, federal and regional levels.

Pray for Mexico

Pray for change, justice and equality in a country known for organised crime and drug cartels. 

Pray for God to provide for believers banished and denied access to basic needs. 

Pray for believers to reach criminals and drug lords with the gospel of Christ.

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