RegionCentral Asia
Sources of PersecutionDictatorial Paranoia
Christian Population62,200
GovernmentPresidential Republic
LeaderPresident Emomali Rahmon


Tajikistan: Oppressed By Fear. 
Christians in Tajikistan are often too scared to report persecution. Many women who have converted from Islam are sexually assaulted or threatened. Some are even kidnapped and married off to Muslim men. Christians face persecution just for running their own business, and they're regularly interrogated by the police. Some believers can spend up to 12 years in prison just for going to an unregistered church. With persecution growing, many Christians have become secret believers.

Summer Camps Raided. 
Young people suffer if they belong to a Christian family. They're not allowed to go to Sunday school or be taught about the Bible. Sometimes Summer Camps are raided if they are suspected of teaching about Jesus. Christian children are mocked by their teachers for their faith and have fewer opportunities to get a job and start a career. When they grow up they're forced to serve in the military and can be put in prison if they refuse.

In Tajikistan it is forbidden for anyone under 18 to take part in religious activities. With 50% of the population under this age it makes it hard for churches to grow. They are also not allowed to go overseas to attend Bible school or meet with other Christians. Parents are allowed to teach their children about God in the privacy of their homes, but there are still strict laws around home-schooling and it is very risky.

Control Over Christians. 
The Committee on Religious Affairs (CRA) makes being a Christian difficult in Tajikistan. Every sermon has to be approved before it can be shared. Churches also have to get permission to worship together or buy a building. Registering Christian material and church meetings is difficult. Without this, even just owning a Bible is illegal. The CRA regularly raid unregistered churches. They often close them down, fine and even arrest church members. Many Christians have become cautious and sharing the gospel is very risky.

Pray for Tajikistan

Pray for protection for those who are at risk of being harassed or assaulted for being a Christian.

Pray that churches are able to be approved and believers can worship and evangelise without restrictions.

Pray for Christians to run their businesses freely and be able to provide for their families.