RegionCentral Asia
Sources of PersecutionDictatorial Paranoia
Christian Population62,200
GovernmentPresidential Republic
LeaderPresident Emomali Rahmon


Tajikistan: The Consequence For Christ.
Living out your faith as a Christian in Tajikistan isn’t easy. Believers can be locked up and beaten for the gospel. Church services, baptisms and weddings have been raided by local authorities. Reading the Bible has to be done in secret. Owning other Christian materials is taking a personal risk.

Only government-approved groups are allowed to own buildings. Christians cannot run meetings, build schools or organisations. Christians are regarded as spies and are often interrogated by the government. In Tajikistan, followers of Jesus are seen as a threat. 

The Dangers Of Leaving Islam.
There are consequences for those who leave Islam to follow Jesus. Many converts are divorced and girls are abducted and married to Muslim men. Studying Islam is compulsory at school and Christians are humiliated in class. Sharing the gospel with children is illegal. Despite this, youth make up about 50% of the Christian population.

Your help makes a difference for Christians in Central Asia by: 

  • Literature distribution, prayer support and biblical training.

  • Women’s ministry.

  • Advocacy and awareness training.

  • Vocational training and social-economic development projects.

Pray for Tajikistan

Pray for the government to be more tolerant of Christianity. 

Pray for Christians pressured to renounce their faith, that they will remain faithful. 

Pray for God to provide for believers and their families if they lose everything.


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