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  • Why Christians Have Hope For the Church In Iraq

    Blog | 25 October 2018

    Tags: Iraq,Middle East,Travel

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  • Iraq

    Country Profile Page

    Iraqi society is becoming more Islamic and corruption in the country has led to Christians losing their land and homes. Despite cities being liberated from the Islamic State, thousands of fighters remain in Iraq. Whilst it has been safe for some Christian...

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  • Podcast: From The Field: Iraq - Episode 17

    Blog | 22 October 2018

    Tags: Iraq,Middle East,Podcast

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  • 04 Rebuilding The Church In Iraq

    Gifts Of Hope

    ... basic services as they rebuild. It will also help restore damaged homes, schools and churches. Your support helps the church in Iraq be the light of the gospel in the darkness.

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  • Iraq: Noeh is back at school

    Blog | 23 November 2017

    ... shared Noeh’s story.Because of the Islamic State, he was forced to flee his home in Karamles (on the Nineveh Plains in northern Iraq). When we shared his story, the 12-year-old was looking forward to returning home after Islamic State was defeated in n...

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  • ISIS In Iraq: Lost Point Of Origin

    Blog | 30 June 2017

    The mosque that was the point of origin for the Islamic State Caliphate has been reclaimed in Iraq.  ISIS Losing GroundOn Thursday 29 June Iraqi forces gained control of the Great Mosque of al-Nuri, declaring the symbolic end of the caliphate.This is wh...

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  • 13 Iraq

    Resource Item

    2019 WWL 13 Iraq — 664 KB PDF file

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  • 08 Iraq

    Resource Item

    WWL2018 08 Iraq — 185 KB PDF file

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  • Lessons From The Persecuted Church

    Blog | 11 July 2019

    Tags: Central Asia,China,Iraq

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  • Returning Christians Celebrate Easter in Iraq

    Blog | 29 March 2018

    ... families in Qaraqosh, this Easter is particularly special. It’s the first celebration they've had since permanently moving back to Iraq. Many were forced to flee the city in 2014 when the Islamic State attacked.This Easter unite with those who suffer f...

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