Whistleblowing Disclosure Form

Our Commitment

Open Doors Australia and New Zealand is committed to the highest standards of conduct, ethical behaviour and sound corporate governance across all our activities.

We are an organisation that seeks to honour God and expand the Kingdom. We are dedicated to honest and ethical behaviour underpinning how we as an organisation should conduct ourselves. To maintain this culture, we are committed to encouraging the reporting of any unethical and illegal activity and will protect and respect the rights and confidentiality of Whistleblowers in accordance with our Whistleblower Policy.

We reflect the Biblical mandate for truthfulness and respect for all people, and all people involved in whistleblowing investigations will be treated with fairness and respect.

What should be reported under this policy?

Open Doors encourages the reporting of information related to actual or suspected issues of wrongdoing or misconduct. Conduct that should be reported under the Whistleblower Policy includes breaches of general law, organisational policy or generally recognised principles of ethics, including:

  • Illegal conduct of any nature
  • fraud, corruption, money laundering or misappropriation of funds
  • offering or accepting a bribe
  • financial irregularities or maladministration
  • failure to comply with, or breach of, legal or regulatory requirements
  • endangering the health or safety of staff, volunteers or the general public
  • engaging in or threatening to engage in detrimental conduct to staff, volunteers, contractors or others who have made, or plan to make, a protected disclosure
  • conduct that damages Open Doors’ brand or relationship with third parties
  • breach of internal policy, such as Code of Conduct or Conflicts of Interest
  • harassment or unlawful discrimination

General complaints or comments can be made via our Contact Us form.

How do I make a report?

Reports can be made to the Whistleblower Protection Officer (WPO) via one of the following methods:

  • Email whistleblower@od.org.au
  • Via post to the People and Culture Manager
  • People and Culture Manager
    Open Doors Australia & New Zealand
    11/10 Gladstone Rd
    Castle Hill, NSW 2154

  • Via the Whistleblowing Disclosure Form below

Confidentiality and Anonymity

Open Doors is committed to keeping all whistleblower reports confidential in accordance with the law.

The Organisation is committed to fostering a safe culture to speak up and providing protections when reporting is undertaken. The Whistleblower policy is supported by clear process to ensure the safety of whistleblowers and the transparency of steps and outcomes. The eligible Whistleblower may choose to remain anonymous when making a protected disclosure. If the disclosure is made anonymously, this will not be overridden unless by due process of law.

Please note: Reporting conducted anonymously will limit the ability of the WPO to provide investigation updates and findings to the eligible Whistleblower.

Whistleblowing Disclosure Form

Once you have submitted your disclosure, you will receive a copy of the information you provided for your records, via email (if provided).