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Daring Christians in Yemen

The Courage of “The Crazy Guys” of Yemen

In the heart of Yemen, the third most dangerous place to follow Jesus, two men stood out as unique and daring individuals. Saleh and his ministry partner, Fawzi, earned the nickname ‘the crazy guys’ in their hometown because of their unwavering commitment to spreading the message of Jesus. They are committed to proclaiming the gospel of salvation in the face of immense religious persecution.

What does persecution look like for Christians in Yemen?

Christians in Yemen are at risk of physical abuse, imprisonment, and even execution, meaning the weight of Saleh and Fawzi’s actions were unimaginable, only to be explained by their immense love for Christ, being spurred on by God’s love.

Bold Outreach in the Face of Danger

Saleh and Fawzi don’t stop at sharing Jesus just in their hometown. They ventured out to various places across Yemen, determined to share their faith with those who would listen. However, persecution is oppressive in a country where religious tensions run high. Saleh and Fawzi were interrogated and accused of apostasy, a charge which, in Yemen, can carry the death penalty.

Unforeseen Challenges and Opportunities

Unexpected encounters marked Saleh and Fawzi’s journey in Yemen. Although they have been intensely persecuted, chances arose to attend crucial training and workshops, conducted by Open Doors partners.

“The training equipped us with the necessary tools for our ministry, and helped us delve deeper into the Bible,” Saleh said.

Eventually, Saleh began a house church network in Yemen, an answer to the yearning of Christians in Yemen — 70% of believers cannot meet regularly due to the dangers they face.

“The church in Yemen is living in very harsh conditions but is growing nonetheless!” exclaims Saleh.

He envisions a day when there are Christians in every corner of Yemen, a beautiful example that God is good amongst war and unrest.

Saleh continues to serve the Christians in Yemen with the help of Open Doors local partners, providing medical help, meeting spaces for Christians, food packages, and ministry training.

How You Can Help

Christians in Yemen need us to pray now more than ever. With Saleh’s journey and commitment to spreading the message of Jesus in a country where such activities are met with hostility and persecution, we pray that all hidden Christians in Yemen are protected as they still choose to follow Jesus despite imminent danger. During a humanitarian crisis, pray with us that aid reaches all needy people.

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