By Open Doors 13 October 2023 4 MIN

Five Gifts Guaranteed To Bring Hope This Christmas

When you’re looking at a never-ending list of Christmas shopping, it can be easy to opt for thoughtless, stock-standard gifts. However, when it comes to our loved ones, we want to give a gift that has meaning, a gift that has value and helps our family and friends make a difference.

At Open Doors, we have released our range of Christian Christmas gifts, fondly known as Gifts of Hope. These gifts are changing the way we shop at Christmas by bringing hope to those who need it most.

We’ve picked out five gifts guaranteed to bring hope to your loved ones, and the persecuted church, this Christmas.

1. Send Emergency Relief to Warzones and Disaster Hotspots

When disaster strikes, Christians are often the last to receive aid – or excluded completely – because of their faith. A gift of $25 will send emergency relief to the most vulnerable believers facing war, famine, and natural disasters – giving them what they need to survive.

2. Send A Cow to a Family in Need

You’ve heard of a piggy bank… but have you heard of a cow bank? For $50, you can provide a persecuted family with a cow, to help them earn an income and feed their family. They will receive livestock training to help them rebuild their lives after violent persecution.

Here is what one recipient had to say, “My family and I were filled with joy because we had this opportunity! Without the project, we didn’t know how we could earn a living.”

3. Support Prisoners in Chains for Their Faith

Every day, Christians are arrested and imprisoned for refusing to deny their faith in Jesus. For $40, this gift helps provide basic needs, such as food and hygiene supplies, to the families of prisoners, as well as Christian counselling to help them stand firm in their faith during their prison sentence.

4. Give Pastors a Bible College Scholarship

In places where Christians are vulnerable to persecution, Christians who want to serve the church often do not have access to the theological training they need. For $200, you can support and train a pastor, sponsor their theological education, and connect them with mentors, other leaders, and resources to help their church flourish. 

5. Give A Small Business Loan to a Persecuted Christian

Many Christians are denied jobs because of their faith in Jesus. $1,000 will help provide loans and job training to persecuted Christians so they can start their own business and provide for their family. This gift also allows them to remain and share the light of Jesus in some of the darkest places on the planet.

Buying a Gift of Hope this Christmas is simple:

1. Head to the catalouge, and choose your gifts.

2. Receive a card to give your loved one, explaining the impact of their gift.

3. Help the persecuted church follow Jesus in the most dangerous places this Christmas.

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