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Pray | Violence Continues in Manipur

Protests and violence continue in Manipur, India, as more videos of atrocities surface

Warning: Content discusses violence and assault. May be distressing to some readers.

Lucy Marem (57), a Christian woman from Manipur, India, was shot dead by Hindu extremists on 15 July. A video of her killing was recorded and was recently circulated on social media. It drew public attention to the atrocious violence committed against Christians in Manipur that has continued since May.

Open Doors’ local partner in India, Priya Sharma said, “The brutal killing of the Christian women shows the barbaric and cold-blooded behaviour of the Meitei extremists. Even innocents are prey to the ferocious extremists… It is appalling to see such brutality against the Christians, and our hearts cry out for the victims and their families. I appeal to the global Church to pray and intercede for Manipur, for peace and harmony in the state.”

The north-eastern state of Manipur in India has been embroiled in a harrowing cycle of violence between Meitei and Kuki communities for nearly three months now. Killing 124, destroying 4,500 buildings and homes, 400 Meitei and Kuki churches. 7,000 people have been forced to take shelter in camps, and an estimated 50,000 people have been displaced.

Amidst this prolonged conflict, a disturbing video recorded on 4 May circulated around the country on 19 July. The video captured the plight of two Kuki-Zo Christian women who were paraded naked and sexually assaulted by Meitei men during the violence in May. This caught the attention of the public, prompting the global community to acknowledge the reality and significance of the issue.  

Asking for peace

Mass protests and rallies are being conducted throughout India in response. With Christian communities and common people as well as various organisations asking for an immediate end to violence and restoration of peace in Manipur.

Find out more about Manipur, and to see how Open Doors local partners are supporting Christians amidst this tragic violence.

Pray For Manipur:

  • Please pray for the affected families to be comforted after this traumatising experience. May the Holy Spirit guide them in this trying time, and may their faith in the Lord be strengthened despite what happened. 
  • Please pray that we can provide training to our contacts, partners, and their church congregation in order to equip them for any forms of persecution.
  • Please pray for the authorities to be able to understand and receive the love of Christ.

Stay updated with the latest prayer requests from the persecuted church.

Christians in Manipur are facing a devastating crisis

Urgent Support Needed

200 churches burned, more than 300 homes destroyed, and over 30,000 displaced as violence against Christians erupts in Manipur, North-eastern India. Provide critical care to displaced Christians today.

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