Indonesia | Four Christians Beheaded

On 11 May, Islamic extremists killed four Christians in a village in Indonesia. It was the second such attack in the Central Sulawesi region in six months.
By Nicole Todd | 13 May 2021

Bangladesh | Extremists Threaten Kidnapping Survivors

Nupur* (17) and her cousin, Rekha,* were walking home from college on the evening of 2 April when they were stopped and kidnapped by a...
By Emily Watt | 10 May 2021

Uzbekistan | Woman Fined For Christian Magazines

An Uzbek court has upheld the decision to fine a Christian woman for giving away 15 copies of a Baptist magazine last Christmas.
By Emily Watt | 3 May 2021

India | New Anti-Conversion Laws Introduced

Several Indian states have passed new anti-conversion laws. These laws are being used to accuse and target religious minorities, including Christians.
By Emily Watt | 26 April 2021

Myanmar | Christians Caught In Conflict

By Emily Watt | 23 March 2021

Kazakhstan | Police Charge Church

By Emily Watt | 15 March 2021

Iran | Christian Charged For Online Posts

By Emily Watt | 9 March 2021