China | Bible Sellers Receive Prison Sentence

Chinese authorities have found four Christians who sell audio Bible players guilty of running “an illegal business.”
By Emily Watt | 13 September 2021

India | Protestors March Against Conversions

Extremist religious groups have held rallies across India protesting conversions from Hinduism.
By Emily Watt | 6 September 2021

Iran | Christian Sent To Prison

An Iranian Christian has started a 10-month prison sentence for his faith.
By Emily Watt | 30 August 2021

Indonesia | Christian Faces Funeral Discrimination

Indonesia has become a COVID-19 hotspot, with tens of thousands of cases each day.
By Emily Watt | 23 August 2021

Egypt | Men Sentenced For Attack

By Emily Watt | 12 July 2021

India | Christian Leaders Infected

By Emily Watt | 6 July 2021