Sources of PersecutionIslamic Oppression
Christian Population61,956,000
GovernmentFederal Republic
LeaderPresident Mulatu Teshome


Ethiopia: Church And State.
Persecution is growing as Islamic extremism has spread from neighbouring countries. Christians face violent attacks and many church leaders end up living in hiding. Laws enforced by the government make it difficult for Christians to meet in public or train missionaries. Despite being a Christian majority, there has been a decline in religious freedom.

Those who leave Islam to follow Jesus can no longer receive their inheritance or custody of their children. Many are forced to divorce once they become a Christian. They're also ostracised from their families and communities. 

Approximately 62% of the population identifies as Christian, whilst 34% are Muslim. 

Persecution From Within.
Sometimes persecution doesn’t come from outside the church. The ongoing division between the Evangelical and Orthodox church creates heavy persecution from within the church. Life is only getting harder for believers. The Church isn’t unified and their stand against external persecution has been weakened.

Your help makes a difference in Ethiopia by: 

  • Preparing believers for persecution.

  • Relief aid and livelihood support.

  • Cross-cultural evangelism training, and discipleship. 

  • Training in theology and management for church leaders.

“I always encourage those who are passing through persecution in my area and tell them that God is our comforter. God can also change our situation. We should forget the past and focus on the future. God has used our persecution to help us share His Word with others. We have seen unprecedented love and concern from others. May God bless you all who are praying for Ethiopia, God bless you! For those who pray for Ethiopia, for the land, may God bless you!" – Asefa, Ethiopian Believer. Asefa’s father was killed in an attack on a church in 2008. Since then Open Doors has helped his family.

Pray for Ethiopia

Pray for the church to help the authorities recognize that they are not a threat. 

Pray for Christians to see each other as brothers and sisters, especially those from different churches. 

Pray for the Lord to provide for the needs of Christians who face discrimination for their faith.

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