Sources of PersecutionIslamic Oppression
Christian Population65,737,400
GovernmentFederal Republic
LeaderPresident Mulatu Teshome


Ethiopia: Rise Of Radicalism. 
Christianity has been around for a long time, but Ethiopia also has a history with Islam. Islamic extremist groups are on the rise, meaning persecution for Christians will increase. Life is especially difficult for those who convert from Islam to Christianity. Owning a Bible is dangerous, marriages can end in divorce and parents aren't allowed custody of their children. Their kids are then forced to go to Islamic schools and mocked for their parents' faith.
The Islamic extremist group Al-Shabaab causes a lot of trouble for believers in the neighbouring country of Somalia. They have now declared themselves to be an enemy of Ethiopia based on its Christian heritage. It is clear that violent attacks will continue to increase for believers in Ethiopia.

State Of Emergency. 
Violent protests over the past two years have taken their toll on Christians in the country. To stay in power, the government is trying to control every part of society and Christianity is seen as a threat. Often the government will look the other way when dealing with violence against believers. To prevent the spread of Christianity, they have also banned them from using the media to broadcast the message of Jesus. Christians are limited in the way they worship and the role they play within schools. Many are physically attacked, their businesses destroyed and some even murdered.

Persecution From Within. 
Sometimes persecution doesn’t come from outside the church. The ongoing division between the evangelical and Orthodox church creates heavy persecution from within the church. Life is only getting harder for believers. The Church isn’t unified and their stand against external persecution has been weakened.

“I always encourage those who are passing through persecution in my area and tell them that God is our comforter. God can also change our situation. We should forget the past and focus on the future. God has used our persecution to help us share His Word with others. We have seen unprecedented love and concern from others. May God bless you all who are praying for Ethiopia, God bless you! For those who pray for Ethiopia, for the land, may God bless you!" - Asefa, Ethiopian Believer. 
Asefa’s father was killed in an attack on a church in 2008. Since then Open Doors has helped his family.

Pray for Ethiopia

Pray for the Church to be unified in its stand against persecution.

Pray for strength and protection for believers currently facing persecution.

Pray for the government to exercise wisdom when making decisions that affect the Christian population.