Sources of PersecutionIslamic Oppression
Christian Population100
GovernmentContested Federal Republic
LeaderPresident Hassan Sheikh Mohamud


Somalia: Never Recovered From War. 
Somalia has never recovered from a revolution to remove the government in 1991. In 2006 a major Islamic extremist group known as al-Shabaab formed. Near complete lawlessness has made Somalia a safe haven for various Islamic extremists, leaving no safe place for Christians.

Islam was present in Somalia long before Christianity came to the country. The small number of believers who do live there must keep their faith secret. A strong tribal system, resistant to modern governance, keeps Somalia divided. A more peaceful, semi-autonomous region called Somaliland exists in the north. In the south various militias and more organised extremist groups like al-Shabaab continue fighting.

Christians Are Hunted. 
Somali Christians face massive problems. Just the suspicion that someone has converted from Islam can result in a vigilante execution. Al-Shabaab hunts Christians and has expanded their campaign to do so in Kenya. In areas not under al-Shabaab control, Christians still risk being killed by family members. Persecution in Somalia almost always results in violence.

Radio Programs See Fruit. 
“Your radio programme is a blessing for Somalis and I ask God to bless it. I had been a conservative Muslim and I even used to preach at you, attempting to bring you back to Islam, but now I am a believer and that is because of your programme. I am no longer a Muslim because I received and accepted the Gospel after I heard it from you. Don’t think that I only chose Christianity because of its kindness and gentleness. I chose Christianity because it is the only religion that can provide ultimate salvation from sin and God’s judgment through Jesus Christ. Your radio programme’s long investment in my life in terms of teaching was not in vain.” – Somali Christian (Received via Open Doors partner).

Pray for Somalia

Pray for Somali Christians to remain hidden but for their witness to reveal Christ to others.

Pray that God would comfort believers so they would not be overcome with fear.

Pray for peace to come to Somalia and an opportunity for the Gospel to enter with it.