Sources of PersecutionIslamic Oppression
Christian Population100
GovernmentContested Federal Republic
LeaderPresident Mohamed Abdullai Mohamed


Somalia: No Place For Christians.
Somalia is one of the most hostile countries for Christians. Islam is the state religion. Muslims suspected of becoming Christians are targeted by extremists. In 2017, 23 people suspected of converting to Christianity were killed by al-Shabaab.

Persecution From All Sides.
Civil war has left communities full of violence and corruption. Lawlessness has allowed Somalia to become a safe haven for Islamic radical groups. Communities grow more aggressive and intolerant towards Christians, not only in Somalia but also in the surrounding region. Over the years the situation has worsened. Islamic militants have intensified their hunt for Christians in positions of leadership.

Society expects that all Somalis are Muslims. Any celebration of Christmas is banned. Any conversion to Christianity is regarded as a betrayal of the Somali family and clan. If Somalis are suspected of being converts, family members and clan leaders will harass, intimidate and even kill them. Women are pressured to comply with al-Shabaab’s way of life. They’re forcefully married off to Muslim men, often beaten and put under house arrest.

Your help makes a difference for Somali Christians by:

  • Prayer support and awareness about the situation Christians face in Somalia.

Pray for Somalia

Pray for protection for Somali Christians. 

Pray that God reveals himself to many Muslims. Pray they will be bold enough to accept Jesus regardless of the cost.

Pray Christians can find safe ways to read the Bible and gather together.

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