Sources of PersecutionIslamic Oppression
Christian Population1,996,000
GovernmentPresidential Republic
LeaderPresident Omar al-Bashir


Sudan: A Country Divided.
In 1983, Sudan became an Islamic Republic. Civil war followed. In 2011, the country was divided in two: Sudan and South Sudan. Many Christians fled to South Sudan. In Sudan leaving Islam is punishable by death. Many are too afraid to share the gospel with Muslims for fear of being accused of blasphemy against Islam. 

Family and Faith.
Christians from a Muslim background experience the worst persecution. They’re arrested, charged with crimes they didn’t commit, and their churches are demolished. Church leaders are intimidated, threatened and pressured to hand over their church. Over 20 churches were recently closed.

Those who leave Islam to follow Jesus often won’t tell their children about Jesus. Their children may accidently reveal their secret belief. Children could also be severely harassed at school. Christians even bury their dead in Muslim cemeteries to avoid revealing their family’s faith.

There are no proper laws that protect Christians. Islamic extremists continue to become a larger threat and it is expected the persecution will only continue for believers in Sudan. 

Your help is making a difference for persecuted Christians in Sudan by:

  • Community development projects.

  • Discipleship and theological training.

  • Providing trauma counselling.

“Thank you very much for your prayers. I know that you do pray for us. We are doing fine. We still continue with court and will see what God does in coming days. Thank you for encouraging us, we remain strong in Him always. Pass our greetings to all and thank everyone for prayers and tell them we are strong, God is doing wonderful things in Sudan.” – Hassan, Omdurman Prison, Oct 2016

Pray for Sudan

Pray for God to help the government know the true teachings of Christianity. 

Pray for the church to be faithful despite pressure from the government and Islamic extremists. 

Pray for the people to see that Sharia (Islamic) law leads to more harm than good.


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