North Korea

Sources of PersecutionDictatorial Paranoia
Christian Population300,000
GovernmentCommunist State
LeaderSupreme Leader Kim Jong Un

North Korea

North Korea: #1 For Sixteen Years. 
North Korea leads the World Watch List for the sixteenth year in a row. Having anything to do with Christianity is impossible without experiencing severe persecution. The worship of anything other than the Kim Dynasty is believed to be a threat to the state. 

Christians are treated like criminals and condemned for treason. Refugees who have fled the country can face being sentenced to more than 10 years in prison camps, often facing torture or execution. Previously the sentence for escaping the country was only three years.

Resisting Corruption.
People are divided into social classes. Christians belong to the poorest of these classes and their access to basic needs and employment is limited. Without enough food to survive many are forced to flee.

Churches Just For Show. 
Owning or producing any religious material is illegal. Christians try to memorise as many scriptures as possible to avoid being caught with a Bible. If their faith is discovered their families are also arrested and face years in labour camps. Parents are unable to share their faith with their own children. From a young age, children have to attend weekly indoctrination sessions. No one is allowed to develop independent ideas. There are five 'show churches' set up by the government to advertise freedom of religion, yet attending church and discipling others is illegal. 

“Whenever we faced difficult situations you supported our North Korea underground believers so that we could break through all difficulties with courage and spiritual power in Christ. We thank you and all supporters in Christ who encourage and support our North Korean underground church believers. Your prayer and support help our North Korean underground believers to be ready for the battle at the frontier. I pray for your supporters and you that they are healthy spiritually and physically.” – North Korean Believer

Pray for North Korea

Pray for the Government to allow freedom of religion. Pray believers will be able to gather together, read the Bible and attend church.

Pray for God to protect and sustain those imprisoned in labour camps.

Pray for families to have access to basic needs without breaking the law, and the ability to earn a living.